If you haven’t travelled with us yet…

If you choose BESTROAD, but you have not yet travelled with us, we would like to give you some tips regarding the trips via BESTROAD!


Bestroad, using the possibilities given by the Hungarian legislations started its “car rent with the driver included” service in the spring of 2014. BESTROAD does not provide taxi services, only transfers with fixed prices are offered. Our prices(rent fees) are calculated by the distance driven and time elapsed BEFORE the transfer.

Our prices are not meant for a single person, but rather a car. The ordered car is at the services of the customer and the passengers he/she brings along the transfer. For the easiest calculations our prices are divided through the districts of Budapest. The prices seen in our tables are the final cost, including VAT.
IMPORTANT: traffic obstacles (accidents, jams…etc.) do not change our fixed prices!

The prices seen on our website are up to date, updated daily!


The Transfer

The transfer is a form of travel in which the customer pays a price fixed at the moment of the order. It is done at the designated time and place to the address or addresses recorded in the order. There are no hidden additional costs. You pay only the amount you see when ordering!

The route of the aiport transfer is selected by the provider, but of course selecting the shortest and fastest route is our best interest as well.

The transfer to the airport

We arrive at the starting address usually 10 minutes before the set time. We do not call or use the doorbell, unless specified, to make sure not to disturb the preparation of our customers. We only ask you to please start your trip at the time designated in the order.

The FIXED price includes: our car transports you at the set time, from the starting address to the destination. The route is determined by the provider and unless there is any form of traffic hold-up, without detours.

The transfer from the airport

We constantly monitor the flight of your airplane. Any delays and the time necessary to wait for your luggage are free of charge. After you received your bags, please call our central number (+36 70 777 58 00) to have the point and time of the meeting fixed once again. At this point you will receive the brand and type of our car, its colour and of course its license plate number.

Ordering the transfer

If you chose BESTROAD, you can place your order through either our online form or phone.

IMPORTANT information:
If you place your order through any other means (ex.: at the driver), we cannot take responsibility for the completition of the order!

Payment methods

You can pay by either cash or credit card. The payments are processed at the end of the trip in exchange of a receipt. You can also ask for an invoice at the driver.